6/27/14 - Columbus, OH (x)

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I’m thirty followers away from my next hundred help


"Positivity is what will save me"

My newest tattoo is from emblem3's song “Love Will Be There.” The yin and yang stands for positivity.. the hearts go in to the yin/yang because that’s where most positivity comes from is love, and the hearts come out because positivity radiates love. The tattoo has more of a very personal story one of which I won’t post online for everyone to read. (I mentioned it in the letter I gave to you guys!!) The lyrics “when all else fails, love will be there” are just a reminder that I’m never alone. Thank you wesmasterfresh & thesunandtheseasonsI love you so much, you inspire me, and you make me happy. 

Shout out to Tyler Case because I know he wrote the song too!! :)

ps: will you please follow me on instagram?! @klrussillo :)

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Emblem3 + Chubby Bunny

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"It’s funny, how when you are in a relationship with someone, your mind absently notices them in everything and everywhere. Their eye color in your morning coffee, a shirt you think they would like, their name on a building, billboard, or a company with their name, when you are somewhere and see their favorite breed of a dog or cat, their favorite color, their birthday, their favorite food, a song they love, someone with their same name, anything. And when you lose this certain person, you finally notice how much they consumed your thoughts, and it haunts you. It haunts you when you first wake up, when you are out somewhere, when you are taking a shower, when you are walking, when you are driving, even in your dreams and nightmares, you still notice this person, and see them in everything and everywhere. It haunts you, it haunts you, it haunts you."

And I am still haunted by you.  (via dollpoetry)

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*tunes guitar* this next song is called “stop pointing out my flaws”

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why the fuck does everyone in the purge movies want to kill people if crime was legal i’d find a way to erase my student debt and also probably steal a bunch of new clothes

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sam and his protectees

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hardstyling was a success tbh

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